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Floating Coasters: $10 per set. Hand sewn coasters make the perfect gift for wine lovers or as a hostess gift. I use them on my stemmed water glasses too. I realize the photos don't express the coaster well but they are sewn so that they fit over the base of your glass and stay with your glass no matter where you set it down. This prevents rings and stains on your furniture. They are in sets of four and we can mail them to you.

These Ipad, Iphone, tablet holders will sit anywhere safely. Set it on the arm of your comfy chair, alongside you in bed, or on your desk and behold the comfort of using your device without having to hold it. Made from all new materials and filled with rice. Each has a loop on the back to hold the cord.
Large: $12
Small: $10

Both will hold a tablet, so size choice is more a matter of personal preference (in the photos with the iPad, two are with the large size, two with the small one, but all with the same iPad)

Jackson 2070 Freestyle Ladies Skates size 6 1/2 $100

These Jackson 2070 Freestyle Ladies Skates size 6 1/2 are amazingly supportive skates. And my daughter blew through the size so they are practically new. She had learned how to jump by the time she got them so they only have a couple of scuffs at the toe and I haven't even tried to clean and polish them up.

Product Description
•Polyurethane coated leather upper for easy care
•Microfiber lining
•Softer topline for added comfort
•Flex notch for added flexibility
•Contoured backstrap for improved ankle fit
•Full quarter and extra ankle padding
•Solid brass hooks will not break or bend
•PTR insole is strong - torque resistant - lightweight and will not absorb moisture
•Leather outsole for strength and support
•Anatomically designed footbed to ensure proper foot alignment and comfort
•Ultima Mark IV all purpose high quality chrome blade attached with screws
•Jackson Heat-Moldable Fit System
•Water proofing of leather outsole strongly recommended $100

Jackson Glacier Series 410 ladies skates sz 3.5 - $30 (Billerica)

Still clearing out my daughter's skates. They do need laces and have some scuffs but are great skates with great support, not broken down at all.
Upper styling based on Jackson patterns
Split leather upper coated with polyurethane
Split leather lining with full quarter and extra ankle padding
Diamond shaped backstrap
Foam backed vinyl/mesh comfort tongue
Brown PVC outsole for easy care
All purpose blade
Made on the Jackson last

We've got a pair of Wearguard duck bib overalls that are not fulfilling their life's purpose sitting in the bottom of my husband's drawers. His (X) boss bought them for him and as much as he loves the overalls he dislikes the bibs. They're an unworn XL Regular in lovely duck brown. $30

Star Trek game cards, all sealed looking for a new home where they will be loved.

18 pkgs. NIB Star trek: The Next Generation Customizable Card Game- Alternate Universe- Limited Edition 15 card expansion sets

39 pkgs. NIB Star trek: The Next Generation Customizable Card Game- White Border Edition 15 card expansion sets

6 pkgs. NIB Star Trek The Card Game- contains rule book and 65 collectible cards

Make us an offer---

Brand new, unused Bell Dirtster off road bike tire and inner tube for a 16" rim

Black ski tote $5

These are blue fins my son used on the swim team. They're fine, my kid's feet grew.
Finis Zoomers size H $15
And my daughters!
Finis Zoomers size C $15

1- NIB Brown Rolf's Leather mini MP3 player case with leather covered belt clip and easy closure overall size 3 3/4"tall X 2 1/8" wide X 3/4' thick

1- NIB Black Rolf's Leather mini MP3 player case with leather covered belt clip and easy closure overall size 3 3/4"tall X 2 1/8" wide X 3/4' thick

$5 each

I have these amazing life size three dimensional heavyweight cardstock skeletons. A life-sized human skeleton that you assemble yourself! Kit comes complete with accessories, detailed step-by-step instructions, and ready-cut shapes with indentations for the folds (no need for scissors or glue). The joints bend and straighten, so it's poseable, and it has anatomical labels in both English and Latin. Great for artists, students, Goths, and more. The construction kit has 10 big flat sheets (25-1/2" by 19"), with instructions. These are brand new. Put together they are almost six feet tall! My kids had great fun putting ours together and experimenting with movement. They are a great homeschool project, or Halloween decoration, or school biology /anatomy / science project. I'm happy to answer questions about them as they are hard to truly explain. $20 ea.

Comic book collection

What a great way to forget about the snow! Relive your youth or expose your children to the joy of curling up with a comic book. These run the gamut of experiences.

V for Vendetta, Allan Moore and David Lloyd, Complete series 1-10 complete
suggested for mature readers, Sept 88 - Mar 89 near mint, #10 has ding in top corner
of spine, DC $45.00

Hawkmoon Michael Moorcock, Mad God's Amulet Limited Series of 4, 1-4 Jan 87 -
Jul 87, near mint, First Comics $10.00

Hawkmoon Michael Moorcock, The Sword of the Dawn Limited Series of 4, 1-4 Sep
87 - Mar 88, near mint, First Comics $10.00

Hawkmoon Michael Moorcock, The Runestaff Limited Series of 4, 1-4 Jun 88 - Sep
88, near mint, First Comics $10.00

Flash Gordon Jurgens and Patterson, 9 part Maxi series 1-9, 1988, near mint, DC $10.00
Stanley and His Monster, Phil Foglio and Chuck Fiala, 4 issue mini-series 1-4, Feb 93
- May 93, near mint, DC $10.00

Angel and the Ape, Phil Foglio and K.S. WIlson, 4 issue mini-series 1-4, Mar - Jun
91, DC $10.00

Total Eclipse, Marv Wolfman, Book 1 and book 2, May and Aug 88, near mint,
Eclipse Books $10.00

Conqueror of the Barren Earth, Gary Cohn and Ron Randal, 4 issue mini-series 1-4,
Feb 85 0 May 85, near mint, DC $10.00

The Wanderers, Doug Moench Dave Hoover and Robert Campanella, Issues 1-13, Jun
88 - Apr 89, near mint, DC $25.00

The Justice Society, Len Strazewski & Mike Parobeck & Mike Machlan, Issues 1-10,
Aug 91 - May 92, near mint, DC $15.00

Lost Planet, Bo Hampton, Issues 3-6, Sep 87 - Mar 89, near mint, Eclipse $10.00
The Green Hornet, Ron Fortier, Issue 1 double sized premier edition thru 8 , Nov 89 -
Jun 90, Now Comics $10.00

Star Trek - The Next Generation, Michael Carlin & Pablo Carlos & Carlos Garzon,
six issue mini-series 1-6, Feb 88 - jul 88, near mint issue 1 has a crease in bottom
right of cover, DC $15.00

Star Trek - The Next Generation, Michael Friedman & Pablo Marcus, issue 1-8, Oct
89 - May 90, near mint, DC $20.00

Robin Hood, Martin Powell & Stan Timmons, issues 1 & 2 of 4, Aug 89 - Oct 89,
near mint, Eternity Comics $4.00

Powerpack, Louise Simonson, #1- 26, Aug 84 -- Oct 86, near mint, Marvel $75.00
Aftermath Powerpack, Julianna Joan, 44, Mar 89, near mint, Marvel $3.00
Miracle Man, Allan Moore & Garry Teach, issues 1 & 6, Aug 85 & Feb 86, near mint,
Eclipse $10.00

'Mazingman, Stephen deStephano & Bob Rozakis, #1 -6, 9-12, Jan -- Dec 86, near
mint, DC $20.00

Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers #1 -7, 9-17 Jun 90 -- Oct 91, near mint Disney $40.00

Talespin, Limited series 1-4, Jan 1 - Apr 91, Near mint, Disney $10.00

Talespin, 1-5, Jun 91 - Oct 91, near mint, Disney $10.00

Wendy the Good Little Witch, Warren Kremer, Vol 2 - 10, Jun 91 -- May 93, near
mint, Harvey Comics $15.00

Casper the Friendly Ghost, author, issues 1; 3-14, Mar 91; Jul 91 - Sep 93, near mint,
Harvey Comics $25.00

Casper Giant Sized, author, issue 1, Oct 92, near mint, Harvey Comics $5.00

Casper Big Book, author, issue 3, May 93, near mint, Harvey Comics $2.00

2000 A.D. Monthly Featuring Judge Dredd, author, issues 1-5 of six, Apr 85 - Aug
85, near mint, Eagle Comics $20.00

2000 A.D. Monthly Anderson PSI Division, author, issue 1-10, Apr 86 -- Jan 87, near
mint, Eagle Comics $20.00

Happy Birthday 100 yr old Gnat Rat, author, no issue number, 1986, slight wear on
top edges, Dimension Graphics $1.00

the Time Machine, Bill Spangler, #1 of 3, Apr 90, near mint, Eternity Comics $2.00

Godzilla, King of the Monsters, Randy Stradley w/ Steve Bissette, special #1, A 87,
near mint, Dark Horse Comics $5.00

Warworld, Gary Davis, no issue #, Feb 89, near mint, Dark Horse Comics $1.00

Batman and other DC Classics, author, #1, 1989, near mint, DC $2.00

Hawkworld, John Ostrander, #1, Jun 90, near mint, DC $2.00

Pinocchio, Walt Kelley, Special #1, spring 1990, near mint, Gladstone Publishing $2.00

The Jungle Book inspired by the Mowgli Stories, Carl Farlberg, graphic novel reprint,
1990, near mint, Disney $2.00

Disney's The Little Mermaid - The official movie adaptation, Tom Anderson, graphic
novel, 1989, near mint, Disney $2.00

Peter Pan- The official movie adaptation, Don Christensen, graphic novel, 1990, near
mint, Disney $2.00

Duck Tales the Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp, John Lustig, graphic novel, 1990,
near mint, Disney $2.00

SAT Study guides

Barron's SAT II Biology and Biology E/M 12th Edition
The diagnostic test and four of section reviews have circled answers. They are in pencil and easily erased. I didn't want to hide the book's use by doing so.

Kaplan SAT II Writing 2002-2003 Edition
This has many (maybe a 1/3) questions answered in pencil. It also has two "TIPS" underlined. One of the two is about underlining.

Princeton Review Cracking the SAT 2004 Edition
There is a CD with this of extra tests. The Envelope is sealed. There are a handful of pages with the answers circled, again, all in pencil.
Princeton Review Cracking the AP Chemistry Exam 2002-2003 Edition This has no markings at all. But The front corner was left in a bent position, I'm trying to flatten it but it won't be perfect.

Kaplan SAT Biology E/M 2008-2009 Edition
Absolutely unused

ARCO Master SAT and PSAT
This book has a small number of pages written in. A few of them are done in pen. There is supposed to be a CD but we do not have it.

Kaplan SAT Verbal Workbook Third Edition
There are some answered questions, all in pencil, and some checked words on the word list, also in pencil. A leaf has separated at the beginning of the book, I think I did it while looking through it.

College Board Official SAT Study Guide
I did see a few pages with answered circled, in pencil. I even saw a page with equations written out.

Kaplan SAT & PSAT 2002 Spring Edition
'I only found a few markings in the book, all in pencil.

Guaranteed to entertain your teens!
$5 each or take them all home for $40

Barbie PC game The Princess and the Pauper, Rated E. This is a new in box game with the seal intact, never even been opened. Inspired by the movie this game needs at least Win98/Me/2000/ or XP to run. A must for a Barbie fan-- $5

Saxon 76 answer key and tests $25
ISBN 0-939798-74-3

Saxon 87 answer key and tests $25
ISBN 0-939798-54-9

Saxon 54 alone $10
ISBN 1-56577-033-1

Gateway Math $5 (Algebra and Geometry)
ISBN 0-8123-7645-5

EduMat to go Math Skills $10
ISBN 1-892370-01-8

It's Elementary Word Problems $5
ISBN 0-8388-2411-0

Abeka Math 6 $8
ISBN unavailable

2 CAP Math Fractions Level E $5@
ISBN unavailable

First Words $1
ISBN 0-307-24957-3

Addition 0-12 $1
ISBN 0-938256-91-2

EduMat To Go - Math Skills
ISBN 1892370018
Four pages each of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with a final page for playing Tic, Tac, Toe. Spiral bound together, 11 1/2"X17 1/2" Use a wipe away marker or crayon to practice math skills. Great for the road or waiting for big brother.

These are all great books for homeschool or extra school.

World Book Clever Kids Science Age 5-7 $2
ISBN 0-7166-9204-X

World Book Clever Kids Science Age 8-10 $2
ISBN 0-7166-9206-6

Dino kit damaged $2 Stegosaurus

Linking Science with Literature (K-4)$2
ISBN unavailable

In the Sky Activity Book $2
ISBN 0-590-47591-6

That Stinks- An Activity Book about Garbage and Rot $1
ISBN 0-590-93253-5

Dig It! An Activity Book about Archeology $2
ISBN 0-590-23388-2

All about Reptiles Activity Book $2
ISBN 0-590-48722-1

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs A Science Puzzle Book $2
ISBN 0-590-42913-2

Young Scientists Investigates Materials $1
ISBN 0-516-48405-2

Archaeology $6
ISBN 0-86530-436-X

Ocean Wildlife Up Close $3
ISBN 0-89577-535-2

Desert Wildlife up Close $3
ISBN 0-89577-536-0

This is the fourth edition of The Extraordinary Chemistry of Ordinary Things is marked as used. It is clean and has no markings.The only proof I have that my daughter opened it is a post-it note I found inside. $10

I have 26 Highlights I have split into two packs of 13 each that I will sell for $10 a pack.

These are all great books for homeschool or extra school. I'm happy to answer questions...


Kids Stuff: Book of Reading and Language Arts for
Middle Grades $5
ISBN 0-86530-122-0

Reading Options C $1
ISBN 1-56939-671-3
three pages in pencil

Reading Options D $1
ISBN 1-56936-673-X

Reading Options E $1
ISBN 1-56936-675-6
five pages in pencil

High Interest Reading Grades 3-5 $5
ISBN 0-88012-813-5

Reading Comprehension 2 $1
ISBN 1-56822-248-3
six pages written in

World Book Clever Kids Language Skill 5-7 $2
ISBN 0-7166-9212-0

World Book Clever Kids Study Skills Age 8-10 $2
ISBN 0-7166-9210-4

Robert Fulton, Boy Craftsman, Teacher's Guide (1-3)$3
ISBN unavailable unbound

English 4 $2
ISBN 1-56189-024-3

Fact and Opinion 1-3 $2
ISBN unavailable
four pages written in

Skills for Young Writers 3 $1
ISBN 1-56822-584-9

2- Auditory Processing Super Pack $10@
ISBN unavailable

Writer's Workshop $3
ISBN 1-56822-407-9

Reading Search CD game NIB $3

Reading Skills $2
ISBN 0-88012-463-6

Pick a Pattern $1

Misc Elementary books

These are all great books for homeschool or extra school. I'm happy to answer questions...

First Words
ISBN 0-307-24957-3

Addition 0-12 $1
ISBN 0-938256-91-2

3 McDougal, Littell Handwriting $3@
ISBN 0-8123-6170-9


TCM Westward Expansion $5
ISBN 0-7439-3041-X


The Complete Book of Alphabet & Numbers $3
ISBN 1-56189-499-0
First eight pages used

Discover Art 2 teacher & student book $7
ISBN 0-87192-154-5

Unit Studies Olympics $2
ISBN 1-888306-03-3

Kids Discover 20th Century $1

Zoom Activity Guide $1

Veggie Tales Easter Carol Color activity book $5
ISBN unavailable

Hallmark Card Studio NIB $5

Barbie Princess/Pauper CD game NIB $5

2-13 Highlights $10

Strength Training for Baseball
ISBN 0-399-51596-8

SOS Switched on Schoolhouse

Each SOS is complete in box except the ones noted as disk only. All we ever did with them was load them onto the computer and then put the disks away. My kids loved the freedom SOS gave them, a great homeschool alternative.

Grade 3 2004 Version 2.0 History $25
Grade 3 2004 Version 2.0 Language Arts $25
Grade 4 2004 Version 2.0 Language Arts $25
Grade 4 2002 History $25
Grade 4 2002 Language Arts $25
Grade 4 2002 Science $25
Grade 5 2007 Version 2.0 Language Arts, History, Science, Bible
Grade 6 2000 Version 2.0 History $10
Grade 6 2000 Science, disks only $10
Grade 6 2000 Bible, disks only $10
Grade 6 2000 History, disks only $10
Grade 6 2004 Version 2.0 Science $25
Grade 6 2004 Version 2.0 Language Arts $25
Grade 7 2000 Math $10
Grade 8 2007 Version 2.0 History $25
Grade 8 2007 Version 2.0 Science $25
Grade 8 2000 Science $10
Grade 8 2000 Bible $10
Grade 9 2001 History $10
Grade 9 2001 Science $10
Grade 9 2001 Language Arts $10
Grade 11 2009 English new and unused (disk sealed) w/included books but the box is somewhat crumpled $40

Learn at Home 5 - $5

These are complete workbook style curriculum, new. Great books for homeschool or extra school. I'm happy to answer questions...
Learn at Home-5 ISBN 1-56189-513-X

Learn to Draw

I have three Jon Gnagy books, The Learn to Draw, the Human Figures, and the Landscapes book. Jon Gnagy is known as America's television art teacher, The Learn to Draw has no date but the other two were printed in 1962.